Monday, May 4, 2009

A shaky time line...

Here is what needs to happen to get Jill home...
  • The funeral home in Bangkok has a person in Phuket to get Jill released from the hospital and transferred to Bangkok for the autopsy.
  • For Jill to get transferred to Bangkok the guy in Phuket needs to fax the paperwork to the funeral home in Bangkok. The funeral home then faxes it to the police in Phi Phi. The Police in Phi Phi need to sign off on it and then fax it back to the funeral home. The funeral home in Bangkok then faxes it back to the guy in the hospital waiting to transfer Jill. (This seems like a mess waiting to happen)
  • If all that works out Jill will be transferred to Bangkok Tuesday (our today)
  • The autopsy will be done on Wednesday.
  • The cremation will happen no earlier then Thursday. If something gets delayed and she doesn't make it to that stage by Thursday the next time they can cremate would be Saturday as they do not cremate on Friday's.
  • Best case scenario is all this gets done and they can release the ashes to Ryan on Thursday. If any of the steps are delayed even a little bit this would set us back to at least Monday as the US Embassy is closed this Friday along with Saturday and Sunday.
This is very fluid and we hope changes for the better.
Rob and Paul