Tuesday, May 5, 2009

How it went down straight from Ryan via Skype

Jill and I had been on the island for 6 days in a bungalow with no A/C. We decided to splurge and get one with A/C for two days. So the night before we moved into the new place we went out late, because we planned to sleep all the next day in this A/C room. So we got to the new room around 11 am. slept for about 3 hours. I cant ever sleep that much but Jill was great at sleeping. I told her I was going to go check the internet, she said she would stay there.

I was gone about an hour. I came back hung out for another hour or so. We both were feeling hungry then. So I said I would go get some food, and bring it back, Jill stayed in the room. It took me about 45 minutes to get food and drinks. I went back to the room. We ate there. hung out another hour or so. We then decided to go walking around. We went and sat on the beach for a while, watched the sunset and had a little pizza. After that we met some friends, but the whole time Jill was saying her stomach wasn't feeling that great. So around maybe midnight she said she was going to go lie down. But I should stay out a bit.. So I did, I went back to the room around 2am, Jill was looking real bad, vomiting, I laid down with her to try to make her feel better still thinking it was the burger that was making her feel bad.

Probably around 4 am I started to feel bad and vomiting myself. That is when Jill looked horrible. I ran outside and found a kinda shopping cart thing, brought it back, scooped Jill up and put her in. I then started running towards the hospital screaming for help. That is when I met Per. He came out of his dive shop, and helped me push her the rest of the way,( about a mile) We got her to the hospital. They did CPR for about an hour to no avail. I now think that is why I didn't get sick, because I kept getting these breaks from the air in the room, while Jill kept staying in bed. She was exposed to the air in the room for probably 5 or six more hours than I was. I was vomiting at the hospital, but I thought it was just because of the situation. Now maybe it was from my shorter exposure to the air in the room