Monday, May 4, 2009

How it went down...

Jill and Ryan (her fiancee) were on vacation in Thailand from February 12 through May 12. They went all over the place.... Bali, Cambodia, Thailand, and Vietnam, as well as, several small islands over the span of 3 months. They were due back on May 12th. On May 2 on an island called Koh Phi Phi (google earth it) is when and where Jill died.
From what we understand (and this most likely will be refined as more information becomes available) Jill had a mild case of food sickness. Pretty typical in Thailand and no cause for real concern as it happened a few times before. Jill went to her room to rest for a spell. Ryan stayed out to get lunch and check the Internet. When he returned a couple hours later he found Jill in pretty bad shape. Jill said she needed to go to the hospital. She was so weak he carried her until he found a cart. Ryan was screaming in the streets for help as she was deteriorating fast.
They got help from a great guy named Per. He helped Ryan get Jill to the clinic. Unfortunately by the time she arrived she had stopped breathing. They worked on her for around 45 min but to no avail. It happened very fast.

Where we are now...
  • Ryan took Jill's remains via jet boat from Ko Phi Phi to Phuket (google earth it)
  • Ryan is in Bangkok with his parents.
  • Jill's remains are en route to Bangkok for an autopsy and cremation.
  • There is news that two tourist staying in the same guest house as Jill and Ryan were struck ill the same way as Jill the very next night (apparently they rented it right away the next night!). One died very fast and the other is still in ICU.
  • We're waiting for the cremation and autopsy. The autopsy report will take around 3 months to get. Ryan and his folks will be bringing Jill's remains back. This could take a week.
Information is coming in slow and sparse. The time difference is a killer. As we get more substance or refined details we will post it here.
There will be a memorial in California. Ryan said there will be one is Seattle too. The locations have yet to be decided.

Thanks for all your support, prayers and love,
Jill's Family