Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Latest: Phi Phi 'Poisoning' Kills Two Tourists - Phuket Wan

***>>>As new links to articles about Jill and Ryan come out I have been adding them to the list below. Once we get some more significant, verified info I'll post a new blog entry (which we hope is real soon). Our thanks goes out to the media, family, friends, and the kindness of strangers on getting this story the recognition it deserves.<<<***

It looks like some news agencies and blogger's are starting to take notice. Thank you to Rex for sending me this most recent article.

Latest: Phi Phi 'Poisoning' Kills Two Tourists - Phuket Wan

There are more articles out there too. Please visit the following links and keep the story alive so this isn't just swept under carpet. If any one finds any thing else please leave a comment with the link.

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  1. <---News video from KOMO 4 Seattle, WA

  2. <---NEWS video from KING 5 in Seattle, Wa

  3. <--- NEWS video from ABC 7 San Fransisco, CA

  4. <---NEWS Video report from KIRO TV in Seattle, WA

  5. <-- With great pictures of Jill. Thank you Andaman Times for your persistent coverage.