Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Five deaths in a six-week spell

This is insane!

Five deaths in the same hotel in a six-week time frame all having the same symptoms and the Thai governments response is...
"We have to admit that these deaths coming one after another are nothing more than coincidence."

This article also states that one of the ladies that passed was from Seattle. I was notified by the family of Soraya Pandola-Vorster that she was actually from Berkeley, CA. Keep her family and friends in your thoughts as they are going through the same frustrating process as we did.
"American Mariam Soraya Vorster, a 33-year-old from..."


Monday, March 7, 2011

Another tragic Thailand death

So I have received a few emails from people alerting me to an incident that hits close to home. A young women that was from New Zealand, Sarah Carter, died while three others became very ill in a hotel in Thailand. She died fast and sounds like the same symptoms Jill and Julie had. From some of the articles I have read it sounds like her family is in the same situation as we are and Julie's family is in. They just want answers and some help from the embassy. I wish them the best, and am truly sympathetic for their loss.

Please give the articles a read and pass them on...