Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Another death, and an update.

In light of this new article of a Kuwaiti girl that died mysteriously after visiting Phi Phi Island I thought I should update this blog.

First-check out this link to the article of the latest death associated to Phi Phi Island

Our heart goes out to the family. There truly is nothing worse. There are no words that will ease there pain.

Second-The Thailand autopsy report is a joke. It was about three pages long and most of it was margin space and emblems. I believe here in the states an autopsy report starts at around 20 pages, and for something like what happened to Jill would be much longer.

It did verify that there were NO drugs or alcohol in her system, so those bogus rogue Thailand reports from "Government officials" can be put to rest. The only bit of information we got out of it was a low level of the enzyme Acetylcholinesterase. Please take a look at this Wiki page about what could cause this enzyme to be lowered.

We are still waiting for some more reports to be translated from Thailand, and we have been in contact with Julie's family (the young lady that also died in the same guest house).

I'll post again when there is something else.